Flat for rent


  • PURPOSE: residential or office space
  • CONDITION: newly renovated
  • STOREY: the 2nd floor
  • SIZE: approximately 100 m2
  • CEILING HEIGHT: 3,20 m
  • HEATING: gas central heating
  • AIR CONDITIONING: air-condition
  • FLOOR/BELOW: laminate
  • EXTERIOR WORK: PVC „Rehau“ with insulated glass
  •  -  office space lease:  12 €/m2 + VAT
  •  -  utilities (heating, electricity,...) accordingly to consumption
  •  -  deposit: 2 monthly down payments
  •  -  lease needs to be signed for at least 2 years
DETAILS: It rents in newly renovated flat for a representative office space in the heart of Zagreb (nearby ban J. Jelacic square and Zrinjevac). It is composed of entrence hallway with larger room, two big rooms, one smaller room, bathroom with toilet, separated toilet, and also a smaller sized balcony. Phone and internet accessibility, cable TV (B.net). IT network infrastructure has been installed in each room. Floor plan

Zagreb /
Location of the flat

The flat is located in Praska Street (Prague St.), which connects ban J. Jelacic Square with the city oldest green park, Zrinjevac, official name, Nikola Subic Zrinski Square. Praska Street has been changing its name for several times, its first name was Maria Valeria Street, named after the youngest daughter of the Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph and his wife Sissi. Maria Valeria had later on become the wife of Austrian Archduke Karlo. After the World War One (WWI), the street had been renamed and called Strossmayer Street, but today’s name has had since 1930 – Praska (Prague St.), named after the capital of Czech Republic.

The street has been located in the center of the city, in city quarter called Donji Grad (Lower City), which had been built at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, with various historical styles, Jugendstyle, and also a few buildings built in a modern style. The largest number of museums, galleries, theatres, beautiful city squares has been located in this quarter, as well as the most famous green market and the longest street in Zagreb, Ilica Street.


  • +385 (0)98 414-535
  • +385 (0)98 1941-153
  • Praška 8, 10 000 Zagreb Croatia

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